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Wheelchair Van CONSIGNMENT

Wheelchair Accessible Consignment Program - Let us Help you Sell your Wheelchair van
We Can HELP You Sell Your Wheelchair Van
through our Wheelchair Van Consignment Program

What Exactly Is The Consignment Program ?

Most people know how a regular consignment works. You drop off whatever you want to sell at the consignment store, whether it’s clothes, a book, or an old teapot, and let the consignment shop do the work. Once your item has been sold, you receive a check equal to the sale price of your item, less the fees you pay the store.

Recently, a growing trend towards wheelchair van consignment has emerged based on the same simple model. The hassles of private wheelchair van sales make car consignment well worth considering, but as you might guess, having someone sell your used wheelchair van is a lot different from having someone sell your books. To professionally market a high priced item like a wheelchair accessible vehicle requires significant prep work, product knowledge, professional accessory instalaltions, skills to facilitate negotiations, the ability to meet buyers’ needs for financing and service contracts, and a variety of other factors that complicate the sale process.

So, with all that said, how exactly does vehicle consignment work?

Step 1 - Determining Your Car’s Market Value

Bring Us Your Car - What else should you bring?
-      Your Lien or Pay-Off Information
-      Proof of Ownership
-      Valid Photo ID
-      Keys/Remote
-      No problem. Call us at 949-664-1146. 
-      Our expert appraisers will come to you. 

Our professionals will evaluate your wheelchair van, ask you questions about it's history, check out the mileage, assess it's condition and marketability, and present you with their valuation.

In the case, the valuation is the retail price we believe they can sell your vehicle for in the market. The consignment price is typically thousands more than the dealer’s offer because it represents what many refer to as the “Private Party” price for your vehicle – in other words, what another private buyer will pay for your car whereas the dealer’s price represents the “Wholesale” price for your wheelchair. Typically for thousands less.

Step 2 - Marketing Your Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle to Potential Buyers

Marketing your wheelchair van properly is critical to selling it quickly and at the right price. 

Our store will photograph, video, and list your car on popular sites frequented by wheelchair accessible vehicle buyers. We offer cleaning, detailing, and refurbishing services to get your vehicle showroom-ready before it is photographed and marketed to potential buyers.

Step 3 - Setting the Right Price

Wheelchair Vans Inc's experienced appraisers will offer pricing guidance and advice but leave the ultimate pricing decision in your hands. We dont will require that you follow a strict pricing schedule set by our staff. Either way, wheelchair vans consignment professionals are at your sservice and know the market. We aim to obtain the highest value possible for your vehicle.

Step 4 - Selling, Negotiating, and Handling Paperwork

Perhaps the biggest benefit of the consignment program is that we handle the actual sale transaction, such as test drives, buyer inquiries, fiinancing, and DMV paperwork. These essential pieces to private party car sales can suck up a great deal of time and are best left to experienced professionals. 

Wheelchair Vans Inc will also manage buyer negotiations, a valuable service that can be a huge comfort to buyers and sellers alike, as negotiating with strangers can be difficult. While some put buyers in direct contact with sellers, others act as a buffer between the two parties, making the transaction anonymous to both sides. The safest and process for the buyer and seller is to allow Wheelchair Vans Inc to handle all negotiations, payment processing, and DMV paperwork.

Step 5 - Transferring Value to Consignment Car Buyers

While consignment can maximize the proceeds and speed of sale for the seller, it is also a convenient and efficient option for wheelchair van buyers.

Safety is a key concern in private party wheelchair van sales, and Wheelchair Vans Inc protect sellers and buyers alike. Wheelchair Vans Inc also have the ability to offer products and services that many buyers need but often cannot purchase on their own in the private market.

A few of these services include: 

  • Vehicle Financing: Wheelchair Vans Inc has the ability to arrange purchase financing for buyers.
  • Extended Warranties: Wheelchair Vans Inc can help buyers eliminate much of the risk of buying a used car by offering aftermarket service contracts, which provide many buyers peace of mind as they drive off the lot.
  • Shipping: Wheelchair Vans Inc can ship cars directly to buyers, expanding the seller’s customer pool to shoppers nationwide.

Again, these valuable options help both sides of the transaction. In addition to the buyer benefits outlined above, warranties, financing, and shipping make sales go more smoothly and quickly and are difficult if not impossible for sellers to provide on their own.

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle consignment offers an attractive option for wheelchair van owners who would like to get more money for their accessible vehicle than the dealer trade-in price, as the vehicle will be marketed professionally without the traditional hassle and frustration of trying to sell it yourself. The consignment model is pretty simple – it’s your wheelchair accessible vehicle, but someone else sells it for you. Wheelchair Vans Inc brings a level of professionalism and service that most individuals are unable to achieve on their own, maximizing the sale price while removing the traditional danger and hassle of the sale-by-owner market.

Step 6 - Contact Us
If you think Wheelchair Accessibler Vehicle Consignment Program is for you, You can always contact Wheelchair Vans Inc via phone at 949-664-1146, via email at, or in person at 22692 Grantie Way Suite A Laguna Hills CA 92653, to chat with a team member. We’re happy to answer any questions you have about getting the most from your wheelchair accessbile vehicle. 

Thank you

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