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Wheelchair Van Financing

Wheelchair van and mobility financing

We are the Mobility Loan Experts

Wheelchair Vans, Inc. is your mobility loan expert, that includes all the knowledge that comes with financing mobility vehicles.  Are you just starting the process of researching and selecting a mobility vehicle? 

We can help you purchase a mobility vehicle that's already been modified. Or we can help you finance a vehicle and roll in the cost of modifications so you can get a customized vehicle that fits your needs. Whether it be a wheelchair van, a truck or SUV with a side or rear entry ramp, or a purpose built MV-1. We understand lift-equipped vans, vehicles with hand controls, and other modifications can be very expensive. Often times choice is limited when it comes to financing modified vehicles.  Wheelchair Vans, Inc. wants to give you options when it comes to financing a mobility vehicle to make your life more accesible.

Mobility Financing

We can finance new or used mobility vehicles, refinance your existing mobility loan and finance specialty vehicles like the MV-1. We've been able to help individuals all across the United States. We have low interest rates, with terms that can extend up to 10 years. If you've bought a mobility vehicle previously, or the need is more recent, we want to help you finance your next mobility vehicle.  

If you want to get pre-approved for a mobility vehicle loan. Call us at 949-664-1146, Email us at or submit an on application CLICK HERE to get started 

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles