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California Disability Grants

Disability Grants for accessible vehicles and equipment

If you need assistance in buying a handicap van, you should know that states offer various grants and other assistance programs for those who qualify. These grants and other programs could help you finance a wheelchair van, scooter, wheelchair lift, adaptive driving equipment, or other mobility product.

Residents need look no further than this page for sources of California disability grants to apply toward a wheelchair van. We’ve done the homework for you and compiled the best state government agencies and local organizations to seek assistance and funding from. Some of these groups provide financial aid themselves, while some of the others steer you toward appropriate resources for these purposes, including hard-to-find options you might qualify for but never learn about on your own.

Disability grants for mobility purposes can generally be applied toward leasing or buying a new or used handicap van. They can also usually be put towards the cost of converting a van into a handicapped-accessible ride with ramps or lifts, adaptive driving controls, turning automotive seating systems and other modifications. Whatever you’re hoping to do to maintain your independence, monetary assistance is available in California.

Also, don’t forget to check in with state chapters of foundations and associations devoted to your specific cause of limited mobility. Most offer financial assistance to people afflicted by their area of interest, and all can help you track down additional resources.

Disclaimer: This information is intended to assist you in your purchase or financing of a wheelchair van, and is in no way an offer or advertisement for a free wheelchair van.

California Aging and Disabilities Resource Centers (ARDCs)

For elderly and disabled residents of California, the state’s many ARDCs are standing by to help you acquire your handicap van. They also provide an extensive roster of other services and resources, and every aging or disabled person can benefit from exploring what’s available at ARDCs. Contact a certified mobility consultant to learn more.

(800) 510-2020

California Association of Area Agencies on Aging (C4A)

C4A is the oversight board for California’s 33 Area Agencies on Aging, located all around the state. If you, as a senior citizen, or an elderly loved one needs a wheelchair van or accessibility equipment or conversions to maintain mobility and freedom, this is a go-to resource for assistance.

Click here to find your local Area Agency on Aging:

California Department of Rehabilitation (DOR)

This is the state government’s agency of vocational rehabilitation. It is devoted to helping you and other disabled people in California maintain independent living and equality by finding and keeping gainful employment. It awards disability grants for wheelchair vans when they are necessary to achieve these goals.

P.O. Box 944222
Sacramento, CA 94244-2220
(916) 324-1313

California Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)

If your limited mobility is a result of service in the US military or care by the VA, or if a pre-existing condition was aggravated in these circumstances, you likely qualify for financial aid that fully or mostly covers the expenses of acquiring a handicap van. California veterans should get in touch with the State VA.

1227 O Street
Sacramento, CA 95814
(800) 952-5626

California State Council on Developmental Disabilities (SCDD)

The California SCDD awards grant money and strives to ensure the developmentally disabled in the state receive all the services and assistance they require and to further their abilities for self-determination. The Council is mandated by Federal and State law, and legally, its Chairs and committee members must be persons with developmental disabilities or with a family member with one of these conditions.

1507 21st Street, Suite 210
Sacramento, CA 95811
(916) 322-8481 or (866) 802-0514

California Statewide Independent Living Council (SILC)

In California, the SILC is comprised of 18 Governor-appointed council members tasked with protecting and furthering the principles of independent living for persons with disabilities in the state. It is a broad advocacy group, and while it doesn’t provide direct financial assistance to individuals, it is a key informative resource.

1600 K Street, Suite 100
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 445-0142 or (866) 866-7452

San Diego Assistive Technology Center (SDATC)

SDATC helps the California disabled population learn about and acquire assistive technology that increases independence and quality of life. It can assist with funding.

6153 Fairmount Ave.,
Suite 150
San Diego, California 92120
(858) 571-7803