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Congratulations! You’ve found your next WHEELCHAIR ACCESSIBLE VEHICLE !   We are making Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles AFFORDABLE ! These wheelchair vans have been selected for a special promotion!   It’s a great feeling, but it’s only the start of the process. Your next step is to make us a reasonable offer that we will accept. Don’t worry. As always, we’re here to help.   On the wheelchair vans in this category there is an option to make us an offer of what you are willing to pay. Once we receive the offer will we respond if we can accept it. If we accept the offer you have 48 hours to place the order to get the item at that price.

Discover Your Next Adventure: Exclusive Offer on Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles!

Welcome to an exclusive opportunity at Wheelchair Vans Inc. – where your next Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle awaits, and affordability meets accessibility. We've meticulously curated a selection of vehicles for a special promotion crafted just for you.

How It Works:

  1. Submit Your Offer:

    • For the wheelchair vans in this category, you have the freedom to submit an offer based on what you're comfortable paying.
    • Once received, we'll promptly respond, opening the door to potential savings.
  2. Preparation Steps:

    • Funds or Pre-Approval: Ensure you have the funds ready or obtain a pre-approval letter from your bank. Explore our convenient financing options at Wheelchair Van Financing.
    • Getting Pre-Approved: Initiate the pre-approval process early, so you're ready to make an offer once you find the perfect accessible vehicle.
  3. Making Your Offer:

    • Strategize: Determine your offer amount, contingencies, and initial deposit.
    • Negotiate: Find the balance between a fair price and respectful negotiation.
    • Consider Upgrades: Explore necessary upgrades and modifications, such as Hand Controls, Transfer Seat, Electronic Wheelchair Securement, etc.
  4. Research Market Prices:

    • Before settling on a final price, research nearby dealers with handicap vans for sale to understand market prices.
  5. Offer Submission:

    • Email: Send your offer to with your proof of funds or pre-approval letter.
    • Online Form: Submit your offer securely through our online form at Make Us an Offer.

Upon Receiving Your Offer:

  • We will promptly respond by either accepting it, making a counteroffer, or providing detailed feedback.
  • If accepted, congratulations! Proceed to make the down payment and sign the sales contract, moving forward with your mobility solution.
  • In case of a counteroffer, you have the flexibility to accept, propose adjustments, or decline.
  • If your offer is rejected, consider it a stepping stone toward finding the perfect accessible van for you.

Your Comfort, Our Priority:

  • Always feel free to change your mind before signing a contract – your comfort with the purchase terms is our priority.
  • Your dream accessible van might be just around the corner.

Thank you for considering Wheelchair Vans Inc. for your accessible vehicle needs. We are here to assist you on your journey towards greater mobility and convenience.

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