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Wheelchair Van Service and Repair


Your Comprehensive Source for Wheelchair Vans and Adaptive Equipment Services

At Wheelchair Vans Inc., we are dedicated to providing unparalleled service for all makes and models of wheelchair vans and mobility equipment throughout the year. Our team of certified mobility specialists is committed to offering top-notch repairs, maintenance inspections, and installations for a wide range of brands, ensuring your mobility solutions are in optimal condition.

Our Expertise:

We specialize in servicing and repairing the following brands:

  • Revability
  • Eldorado Mobility
  • Braun Ability
  • Bruno
  • Rollix
  • AMS
  • FR Conversions
  • Vantage Mobility International (VMI)

Whether you are a private owner or a commercial customer, our team has the expertise to address wheelchair lift repairs in vans and buses with precision. Our certified mobility specialists are available to assist customers directly, guiding them through any unexpected issues.

Is It Time To Service Your Mobility Van?

While regular maintenance for vehicles is common, it's equally crucial to prioritize the service of your adaptive and accessible equipment. The reliability and safe operation of your mobility conversion or equipment are paramount and often overlooked until it's too late.

We recommend servicing your wheelchair lift, wheelchair van, or handicap van components every six months with the guidance of a qualified mobility technician. Routine inspections for damage, alignment, and proper operation are essential, particularly for electrical components prone to wear and tear.

If you're unsure about your warranty schedule, our certified mobility specialists can provide specific details for your vehicle or equipment at 949-664-1146.

Scheduled Maintenance for Accessible Vans

To ensure the continued trouble-free operation of your adaptive equipment, preventive maintenance is key. All maintenance checks and repairs must be pre-scheduled every six months. You can easily schedule your next service appointment by calling us at 949-664-1146, available Tuesday through Saturday during regular business hours.

Service Inspection For: Wheelchair Accessible Minivans

Our certified professionals conduct thorough service inspections for wheelchair accessible minivans, including:

  • Overall operating condition check
  • Ramp hinges cleaning and lubrication
  • Tightness check of motor bolts, hinge bolts, and rivets
  • Ramp pivot pin and bushings lubrication
  • Ramp drive arm inspection and lubrication
  • Stow-deploy switch adjustment verification
  • Manual operation confirmation
  • Door track and floor cleaning
  • Drain holes debris check and lubrication of all door hinges and locks
  • Door alignment and operation assurance
  • Sliding door harness inspection
  • Full open switch examination
  • Battery test
  • Kneel system operation check, kneel chain, and rollers lubrication
  • Conversion operation verification with all switches and remotes
  • Air tire pressure adjustment
  • Floor vacuuming and ramp cleaning
  • Transfer or jump-seat operation inspection and testing
  • Wiring inspection for proper routing and condition
  • All interior and external lighting check

Service Inspection For: Wheelchair Lifts

Our thorough service inspection for wheelchair lifts includes:

  • Overall operating condition check
  • Control pendant inspection
  • Electrical wiring examination
  • Vehicle interlock verification
  • Handrail and lift mounts inspection
  • Main lift pivot check
  • Inner roll-stop and platform roll-stop examination
  • Hydraulic power unit and system inspection
  • Cleaning and lubrication of moving parts, including door tracks and rollers
  • Battery test
  • Battery cables and connections cleaning and checking
  • Manual back-up systems inspection
  • Jump or transfer seat operation inspection and testing
  • Wheelchair tie-downs manual or power inspection
  • All interior and external lighting, including the third brake light

Trust Wheelchair Vans Inc. for meticulous service that ensures the longevity and optimal performance of your wheelchair accessible vehicle and adaptive equipment.

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